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Singapore, called “Lion City”. Although this country is just about 720 square kilometter, Singapore has a lot of famous places to travel, with Beutee we will discover top 10 hot travel site in Singapore.

Merlion Park.

Hãy Khám Phá Công Viên Sư Tử Biển Merlion Park Ở Singapore

The Merlion statue is a symbol that everyone mentions about the island nation of Singapore. At first, the Merlion was designed to be the symbol of the Singapore Tourism Promotion Association, but soon it became known to the whole world and considered it a symbol of this country. Merlion sea lion statue located at Merlion Park has attracted many Singaporean tourists to visit and take pictures. This is also the hottest place to visit in Singapore with free admission.

Merlion Park: Gặp gỡ bức tượng nổi tiếng - Visit Singapore Official Site

The Singapore sea lion statue has the shape of a lion head and fish tail riding on the wave. The legend of the Merlion lion head is associated with the birth of the island nation of Singapore from the 11th century AD. The sea lion statue at Merlion Park has a height of 8.6m and weighs about 70 tons. The statue is cast with fondue cement. The outer scales are made up of porcelain plates. The eyes are made up of two small red teacups. In addition, in the Merlion sea lion park, there is a smaller statue of the Fisherman made from these materials, but 2m high, weighing about 3 tons and placed about 28m away from the big lion statue.

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands opened in 2010 with a construction cost of up to 5.7 billion USD. This is an extremely ideal destination for you to enjoy and check in during your Singapore trip. This is the location of Marina Bay Sands building with a complex of luxury hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, theaters, museums and other entertainment centers. There is also an artificial ice rink and one of the largest infinity pools in the world.

Thư Giãn Ở Marina Bay Sands – Visit Singapore Trang Chính Thức

Bustling, modern and vibrant are the words to describe Singapore’s Marina Bay. Not only is this a bay with blue and clear water, but this bay also shows the urban life of Singapore’s development. When you come to this free Singapore tourist destination, you can walk around the bay, admire the modern view of the skyscrapers and take souvenir photos. In addition, you can also admire the sparkling and attractive water music at Marina Bay.

Garden by the Bay

Among the top free tourist attractions in Singapore with the most check-ins, Garden by the Bay attracts more than 30,000 visitors per day. The park is located in the heart of the city, including 3 main areas: Bay Central, Bay East and Bay South. Gardens by the Bay is famous for its brilliant “Supertrees” from 25m to 50m high, surrounding each other into a sparkling forest with mysterious, magical nightly artistic lights. .

Kinh nghiệm tham quan Garden By The Bay hữu ích

Evening is the most ideal time for you to fully admire the wonderful lighting effects from the colorful party. Here you can freely take photos with many unique angles under this giant super tree and get the whole scene, so spend a lot of time hanging out here. You are free to enter the park area, but there is a fee to enter the two greenhouses Flower Dome (with 7 small gardens with different types of plants) and Cloud Forest (recreating a 42m high mountain of clouds, habitats of orchids, ferns, South American pineapple flowers and anthuriums).

 Helix bridge

The next place in the top 10 free tourist attractions in Singapore is the Helix bridge. This is also the bridge between Singapore Flyer and Marina Bay Sands. It is the world’s first pedestrian bridge site with a spiral structure based on DNA images.

Kiến trúc thế giới có gì đặc sắc

If you go here in the evening, you will surely be impressed by the bright lights of the bridge. The bright purple color covered an entire bridge, contrasting perfectly with the surrounding lights. When walking on the bridge, the unique oval balconies will be unique photo angles for you to check in without affecting others.

China Town

Chinatown in Singapore is one of the most vibrant and bustling areas in Singapore. This place is a combination of cultural elements with bold Chinese traditions. You will see a completely red color the moment you arrive here, and then will be captivated by the array of lanterns and eye-catching decoration. Coming here, visitors can learn about the culture and life. Living in the Chinese community, enjoy delicious dishes at the food court located on Smith Street or the Maxwell Street food center.

MỚI NHẤT] Cẩm nang vui chơi tại Chinatown Singapore từ A - Z - BestPrice

In particular, you should remember to visit the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple – a unique construction located in the Chinatown area. If only looking at the external structure, it is hard to believe that this temple was built in 2007, extremely new and very trendy. The neighborhood is always crowded, bustling and is a free Singapore tourist destination. If you spend time here, you will have hundreds of quality “virtual life” photos with streets and colorful houses designed in the same way.



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